There are some eligibility requirements that you’ll need to meet as part of this process. Click here for a full list of these requirements.

The Hynt application process is designed to be as quick and as simple as possible. The application form is available here. The form is printable, so you can chose to complete it online and download to email, or print it out and complete it by hand. Application forms will also be available at venue box offices if you’d prefer to request one that way.

Once your form is completed and sent to the Card Network, along with the supporting evidence required and a recent photograph, the following process will begin: 

  • The Card Network will process your application, giving you a unique reference number
  • If your application is complete and meets the criteria The Card Network will upload your information into the Hynt database and create your Hynt card, which will then be sent to you with a welcome letter
  • If your application doesn’t meet the criteria, or some further information is needed, The Card Network will inform the Hynt project team who will get in touch with you and Hynt’s Arbitration team to resolve the situation. For more information on hynt’s arbitration process click here

To ensure you have a complete idea of the process we have created an FAQ sheet that should cover any questions you may have. As well as this, a full outline of the scheme’s Terms and Conditions are available.  If there are any specific questions that you don’t feel are answered here, or you would simply prefer to speak to someone over the phone, then feel free to contact a member of the Hynt project team

Organisations, Institutions and Support Agencies

We know that many organisations, institutions and support agencies believe that access to arts and cultural activities is important for their clients and residents. They work hard to organise visits to theatres and arts centres and it can often be a complicated and time consuming process. 

We want to support theatres and arts centres to develop relationships with organisations, institutions and support agencies. We will do this by providing help and support to Hynt venues. The Hynt card has been created for individuals who need Care to be able to visit a theatre or arts centre. It is not designed to work for groups of this type. You will not need a Hynt card for each resident or person in your care if you are making a booking on behalf of an organisation, institution or support agency.

In this situation we recommend that theatres and arts centres ask all groups to provide them with a risk assessment completed by the group organiser. This should explain the care needs of those attending for that booking. This will help theatres and arts centres to understand the needs of the group and allocate tickets, free of charge to Carers and Personal Assistants where appropriate.

If a theatre or arts centre is unsure of how many Carers or Personal Assistants a group might need they can ask for advice from our arbitration advisors.

The final decision on group bookings will always be the responsibility of the theatre or arts centre. Please contact your local theatre or arts centre to discuss the needs of your specific group.

Social groups

If you are making a social group booking, for example a large group of friends attending together, then each disabled customer within that group will need to have their own Hynt card. This will enable them to claim their ticket, free of charge for a Personal Assistant or Carer.