terms and conditions

Hynt is an Arts Council of Wales initiative managed by Creu Cymru in partnership with Diverse Cymru. We worked with disabled people, third sector organisations, theatres and arts centres to create and develop Hynt.

1.  Use of Hynt card

As a Hynt cardholder you are entitled to a ticket free of charge, for your personal assistant or carer when attending performances at any of the theatres and arts centres that are members of Hynt. You will receive a photo ID card with a unique customer reference number that enables venues to confirm your details.

You will need to use your unique reference number each time they book tickets, so that the theatres and arts centres are able to verify your information.

The free-of-charge ticket is for you. It means you are able to attend with your personal assistant or carer so you have the support you need during your visit. It is not a free ticket for the personal assistant or carer and cannot be claimed if they are attending without you.

Hynt cardholders are automatically entitled to one ticket, free-of-charge, for a personal assistant or carer. If you need additional support and therefore more than one additional ticket you can apply to Arbitration

Some theatres and arts centres operate a cap on the number of Carer’s tickets available for any one performance. If the theatre has reached its limit then you may not be able to access your ticket free of charge. It is subject to the theatre’s own policy. To find our more about this visit our FAQ section.

If you haven’t already applied for Hynt but want to see a show the same day it is up to the manager on duty at the venue to decide if they will offer you a one-off ticket free-of-charge. This is a one-time only offer and cannot be repeated. You will need to give the theatre your contact details and you will be expected to apply to Hynt in order to access a ticket, free-of-charge, for any future performances at any participating venues.

Free-of-charge tickets cannot be applied for retrospectively.

A full list of Hynt venues can be found here

2.  Data Protection

Hynt is a network of theatres and arts centres across Wales. So that you can use your card in any Hynt venue, they all need to know which customers are Hynt cardholders. For this reason by joining Hynt you are agreeing to let us share some information (such as a full name and contact details) across this network.

We do not hold any personal information that customers do not wish to share and we do not hold details of impairments or medical conditions.

We take our Data Protection responsibility very seriously and comply with the Data Protection Act.

3.  Application process

To join Hynt you must complete a Hynt application form and return it with a copy of your supporting document either by email to applications@hynt.co.uk or by post to:

Hynt Card
Network Hous
St Ives Way

The application must be made in the name of the customer. Wherever possible you should apply to the scheme. If you are unable to fill out the form, a nominated personal assistant or carer should support you.

The Hynt card will be in your name, enabling you to bring any personal assistant or carer you choose to assist you. We do not require a named personal assistant or carer.

All correspondence will be sent to the email or postal address on your application form so please make sure your details are correct.

Your personal assistant or carer must be a responsible person and be fully able to provide the level of care you need during your visit.

We are working with our partners The Card Network to deliver Hynt. They are responsible for processing all application forms. We take our Data Protection responsibility very seriously and comply with the Data Protection Act. All personal documents and application forms will be securely destroyed once they have been processed. 

4.  Eligibility criteria

Automatic eligibility criteria:

  • Enhanced and Standard PIP Daily Living Component
  • DLA High and Middle Rate Care Component
  • High Rate Attendance Allowance
  • Certificate of Visual Impairment
  • War Disablement Pension
  • Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP)
  • Direct Payments
  • Social Services Care Package
  • Continuing Healthcare Package
  • Dual Sensory Impairment

You must send proof of eligibility with your application; we need to see a copy of one of the following documents:

  • A letter from the Department of Work and Pensions that confirms that the applicant is in receipt of one of the benefits listed in the criteria 
  • A letter from the relevant Local Authority confirming that the applicant is in receipt of Socail Services Care Package, Continuing Healthcare Package or registered for Direct Payments
  • A Certificate of Visual Impairment

Documents must be sent as a photocopy or scanned via email. Please do not send originals.

5. Arbitration

If you feel that you really do need additional care to be able to attend because of your impairment or specific access requirement but you are not automatically eligible then you can apply via Arbitration.

If you require more than 1-to-1 care you can also apply to Arbitration to receive more than one ticket free of charge for your carers or personal assistants.

Arbitration is supported by a network of third sector organisations all with expertise and experience of working with a wide range of impairments that can be applied to individual cases. Arbitration is monitored and reviewed independently by Diverse Cymru. There is further information about Arbitration.

6.  Change in circumstances 

If you join Hynt you must let us know if your circumstances change so that we can ensure we have the most up-to-date and relevant information.