They believe that as a public body, the Arts Council of Wales and the activities they support - whether through annual revenue or project funding - should be accessible to everyone in Wales.  Equalities are a moral, social, creative and cultural imperative.

Hynt is a national access scheme with audience needs placed firmly at its heart. By joining Hynt you are making a commitment to providing the best possible experience for your customers. Hynt is a stamp of confidence for visitors, representing clarity, consistency and open communication in a collective of venues throughout Wales. 

  • Hynt creates a consistent and fair ticketing policy across theatres and arts centres in Wales - all Hynt cardholders are entitled to a ticket free of charge for their Carer or Personal Assistant
  • Hynt promotes accessibility and works with all our theatres and arts centres to reduce the barriers to engagement and participation
  • Hynt will help to build links between theatres and arts centres and their local disabled communities
  • Hynt will support theatres and arts centres to develop skills, expertise and capacity by providing theatres and arts centres with training, advice and guidance.

hynt is a membership card

Hynt cardholders are entitled to a ticket free of charge for a personal assistant or carer at all the theatres and arts centres participating in the scheme.

hynt is a resource provides a range of useful information and guidance on the scheme and how it works.

It’s also a resource for anyone interested in information or news around access and the arts. Our site listings feature all accessible performances across the Hynt network of venues as well as providing customers with up-to-date venue information to help customers plan their visits.

hynt is about good practice

Hynt will also deliver a bespoke training programme for participating venues, building confidence and knowledge in house about how best to serve the needs of our disabled and impaired audiences, and placing the issue of accessibility at the heart of our organisational culture and approach. 

hynt is a network

Working together, we can send a powerful message about the importance of placing accessibility at the heart of what we do. Hynt will harness the wealth of experience and skills we have to share, opening up what we do and inviting people in to have enriching experiences in our spaces. 

from an audience perspective

Art and culture is for everyone.   But if you have an impairment or a specific access requirement, getting to see it isn’t always easy.  Often, visiting a theatre or an arts centre can be more complicated than just booking tickets and choosing what to wear. 

Until now, there has been no consistent offer from theatres and arts centres for people who need the support of an assistant or carer to go to the theatre.  We know that this is a barrier for our audiences, adding more time and effort to something that should be a simple process.

With Hynt, audience members only make one application. Once they are cardholders they are able to access performances at all the venues in the Hynt network with the same offer of a ticket free of charge for their assistant or carer.

We’re also making it easier for audience members to plan their visits by creating Access Guides for all the Hynt venues and hosting a central listings page for all accessible performances across the Hynt network.