In spring 2014, the Hynt project team was formed by Creu Cymru, and immediately set to work with Diverse Cymru to develop the model for the national access scheme.  To start the process, seven engagement events were held across Wales. The aim of these events was to outline our ideas about how Hynt could work and to discuss the opportunities and challenges of the project. We also sent out information to individuals and organisations, so that anyone who couldn’t attend but wanted to engage in the discussion could still have their voice heard.

The engagement sessions gave us a great deal of information and helped us to understand better the wide range of experiences and challenges that we are working with. We also met a large number of organisations and individuals who have generously shared their expertise, knowledge and resources with us to help develop and support Hynt.

In September 2014 we published a report. It brought together all the comments and feedback we received at the engagement sessions and showed how we had adapted and changed the scheme to reflect some of the challenges and opportunities.  We then had a further period of consultation to help us create the final version of Hynt.

It is important to us that Hynt is a peer-led scheme. We always respond positively to feedback and take on board the views of everyone that we connect with. During our engagement and consultation we spoke with over 80 people, including disabled people pan-impairment, support organisations, carers, theatres and arts centres.  Those conversations are ongoing and all contribute to the creation of Hynt as it exists today.